We promote a responsibility for global justice through specific activities targeted at schools and public places.

How do we do it?

Through workshops and socio-educational activities based on education of values and through long-term awareness campaigns.

Why we do it?

To influence individual and collective transformations that foster a citizenship committed to global justice.


A socio-educational project for everyone. It deals with five areas: cultural diversity, culture of peace and conflict resolution, gender equality, North-South relations and responsible consumption.

educational campaigns

They aim to drive transformation and social cohesion from the school to society. We provide training and educational materials and organise workshops, film sessions and other activities in public spaces.

We realized that we can start fighting against inequality and for civil and social human rights right there in our neighbourhood.


Student of de 3º de ESO, IES Eduard Fontserè, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

In class we heard students’ opinions and we noticed that many were unaware of their civil and social rights and duties. Now our students have learned and become more socially aware.

Mari Morales

Teacher , CEIP, Torreforta, Tarragone




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