Welcoming and training

Akwaba’s interest is to help newcomers integrate into our society. Our activities are aimed at providing them with the necessary tools to actively participate in the daily life of their neighbourhood and the city of Barcelona, with equal opportunities, rights and duties.We are convinced that training is the key to make people less vulnerable.

How do we do this?

We help, inform and orient. We offer training courses and legal and career counselling. We promote personal growth processes based on autonomy and responsibility. We encourage personal development through meetings, dialogue, educational activities and active citizen participation in society.

Why do we do it?

To improve the living conditions of newcomers and to sustain an intercultural society without discrimination of any kind.



Welcoming service

Personal attention and guidance for people in vulnerable situations to better cope with certain aspects of their personal, social and working life. We also help them familiarize with social services and facilities.


Social skills workshops

Mainly directed at women, these workshops aim to improve their communication skills for daily-life circumstances: assertiveness, self-esteem, decision making, empathy, active listening, nonverbal communication, etc.


Housekeeping course

Specific housekeeping training for women aimed at hotel and other facilities. The course allows them to obtain a professional qualification and to learn a trade; it includes an internship in a referred company.


Tutoring for primary school

Tutoring for primary school children to consolidate their reading and writing skills in Catalan and help them with their homework.


Celebrating holidays and traditions

We create opportunities to meet and better understand the newcomers’ cultures and share ours with them.


Outings and cultural visits

We visit museums, parks, libraries, fairs, government agencies, etc. to better understand the city and its cultural facilities.

Preparation for the citizenship exam

Theoretical and practical preparation for the official exam to obtain Spanish citizenship. We help students get through the technicalities.


Work and legal advice

Professional and personalized advice on immigration, employment contracts, family reunification, etc.


Getting to know the neighbourhood

Practical information about services offered by the municipality and other public institutions.


Catalan, Spanish and literacy courses

Through our effective teaching methodology, we provide the linguistic and instrumental tools for better communication and greater autonomy.


English courses

Basic courses aimed at a working praxis.

Working Hours

Information and Secretary 

Morning: monday to friday 9 – 13h
Afternoon: monday to thursday 16.30 – 19h

I was a teacher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and I currently teach English at the Akwaba Foundation to a significantly large group of women.It is interesting to share their experiences as they have discovered how important it is to stick together and share their problems with each other.
Leaving their home country wasn’t easy and they go through a period of adaptation to the new surroundings and mourning for what they have left behind. To welcome them warmly is our way of helping them.


Carme Sala

I came here to look for a job, but when I arrived I realised how important it is to master the language. I have great confidence in the Akwaba Foundation, because they helped me in the process of learning Spanish and finding solutions to my problems.

Gurmael Singh




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