Òmnia Fundació Akwaba Point

We encourage individual development and social cohesion through information technology (IT). Punt Òmnia is a place for socialization, participation and inclusion, in which we work with a community, intercultural and gender equality perspective.

How do we do it?

Through preventive and socio-educational activities in three sectors:

  • Learning
  • Social integration
  • Community participation

basic level courses

Basic tools and the Internet.

  • Step by step: basic knowledge(level I – II)
  • Social networks: introduction to Facebook
  • Digital images: image editing
  • Internet: browsers, e-mail, basic Internet tools
  • WordPress: how to create a blog
  • Introduction to basic English for everyday use
  • Open classroom: open classes for our members

Social inclusion

  • Job search on the Internet
  • Learn how to make your CV
  • Assistance in making you

Community work

  • Kindergarten: special attention to younger children.
  • Òmnia Chef: culinary recipes workshop
  • Dance workshop “Danzaesum”: we use IT to learn the benefits of dance, then create and perform choreographies.

In Punt Òmnia I learned to work with the computer. I also have the opportunity to interact with great people, and not stay alone at home. It opens my mind to new horizons and opportunities.

Rosa María Morte


My experience as a volunteer at the Akwaba Foundation has made me grow as a person and in my way of understanding people, thanks to contact with my students. Their motivation, enthusiasm and interest to learn always amazes me.

Moisés Funes





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